Breakout Session Speakers - Each speaker will lead a breakout during each session. Choose the two breakout speakers who will be most inspirational to you.

Ignite Your Brand - Presented Meghan Lundeen, Caterpillar, Inc.

 About the Presenter

For the past six years, Meghan Lundeen has used her experience and knowledge to lead teams at Caterpillar Inc. She is currently a Division HR Manager. Meghan believes that a strategic leader drives impactful changes for businesses. She is a public speaker and thought leader on career planning, succession planning, employee experience and talent acquisition. As an HR/Talent Manager at Caterpillar, Meghan has responsibility for the employee experience, career development and learning, talent acquisition strategies, and leads the Digital, Analytics and IT Succession Planning Group. Her diverse experience has proved to be a strong combination for influencing and motivating others, and leading change.

 Breakout Session Summary

In the “Ignite Your Brand” session, we will make sure you know how to build and maintain the brand required for success. From speaking with impact, to selling your skillset – the “how” matters! We will help you find your personal brand, build it, and reinforce it to help you see the success you deserve.

This session will teach you:

  • How to speak with impact
  • Exercises to identify your brand
  • The steps you must take to reinforce it

Sharing The Consuming Fire of Leadership - Presented by Gwen Alexander, The Gwen Alexander Inc.

About the Presenter

Inspirational, Dedicated and Passionate.  These are just a few of the words used to describe Gwen Alexander after one hears her speak.  Gwen is the author of the book Losing Weight to Gain Control. She is the podcast host of the Losing Weight to Gain Control Podcast and The Lupus Living Podcast.  Gwen encourages individuals to thrive through the challenges in their life and accomplish their goals.  Gwen also has twenty years of experience working in the banking industry where she started as a teller, then a personal banker and is currently in the risk management area.  In her spare time, Gwen enjoys playing the piano and trying new recipes.  

 Breakout Session Summary

You may have heard the phrase, there is no “I” in the word team; there is no “I” in the word leader. The job of a leader isn’t just to tell their team what tasks to complete. Those who are a leader are encouraged to develop their skill set so they can lead effectively. What about the people you are leading? How do you give your team the consuming fire of leadership for them to be passionate about growing your business? Gwen will share how she has developed herself and shared her fire with others to encourage them to do their best for their organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Taking Care of Yourself Is #1
  • Treat Your Team Like Humans, Not Machines
  • Find A Need In Your Community And Help With It

Mentoring Millennials Builds Loyalty & Leadership - Presented by Kathryn Spitznagle, Mentoring Women Millennials, LLC

About the Presenter 

Kathryn recently retired from Caterpillar as the Director of Global Sustainability and founded Mentoring Women Millennials. During her 21 years at Caterpillar, Kathryn held progressive leadership positions in Marketing Communications, Employee Communications, Employee Development and Public Affairs. Prior to Caterpillar, Kathryn held Marketing Communications positions at Purina where she learned the value of mentoring, the skill of servant leadership and the privilege of developing others. During her career Kathryn has mentored hundreds of young professionals as well as breast cancer survivors and their families.

 Breakout Session Summary

Millennials will soon make up the majority of the workforce and will be our future leaders. They want a mentor, not a manager. They want ongoing, constructive feedback, not quarterly or annual reviews. And they want meaningful work that contributes to a company that is making a difference. During this session you will learn mentoring techniques that build trust, instill positivity and develop leadership.

This session will focus on:

  • Mentoring builds leadership skills for the mentor & mentee
  • Storytelling is key to engaging the head, heart & hands
  • Creating a culture of purpose & positivity is contagious

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